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i_have_no_enemies OP ,

IDF initial investigation: majority of Gazans have died due to a stampede or got run over by the trucks while trying to get to humanitarian aid and approximately 10 Gazans extremely close to a Tank and a IDF infantry squad the IDF soldiers shot towards the lower body part after the soldiers shot warning shots in the air according to rules of engagement.

mods can i post the video here for proof?

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

by looking at the mirror?

i heard echo chambers make you psychotic but i didn't expect them to effect this bad

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

the hate is against anyone who does not support hindutva

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

mods remove editorialized titles :(

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

China is really popping of recently, i hope it prospers more

soon it will reach 20K USD nominal gdp per capita, hopefully their currency overtakes dollar as well.

Chinese language is also flourishing

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

if it happened today it will be called a "genocide"

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

we have been setting new temp records since 2023 mid-may

what tf did you guys do on 2nd week of may 2023?

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

what's that? ik it is universal basic income but don't know what it actually means

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

Thread from half an year ago : https://lemmy.world/post/4867140

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

side question is this website legit and factual when it says

“We already have all of the necessary solutions to decarbonize”


if someone can verify please tell me

This Website Tracked Hate Crimes in India. Then the Government Took It Offline (www.wired.com)

India, the world’s largest democracy, prepares to kick off its election season in just a matter of weeks. But activists and experts worry that the government is cracking down on platforms and internet service providers to silence critical voices, and tighten its grip on the information ecosystem....

i_have_no_enemies ,

hindu is an ethnicity?

did not know that

i_have_no_enemies ,

it's an electoral autocracy ...according to BBC atleast

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

this is why i do not believe the 25,000+ "civilian" casualties

when your "innocent" "civilians" are militarized they are neither "civilians" nor "innocent"

the deaths of Palestinians are on Hamas because of them using them as human sheilds, if you are accusing someone of genocide it should be hamas not israel

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

they don't care about views

unless it is about hating israel or jews

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

Construction only begins in the 2040s

why are science projects so slow? can we do anything to speed them up? maybe increase investments?

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

the parts are just more sciency pipes

‘Feels like revenge’: Palestinians on life locked down in Hebron’s Old City (www.theguardian.com)

Shaadi Muqtasen worries most about his children, who are going crazy with boredom after nearly four months stuck at home without school; and his dogs, which are going wild with frustration after more than 100 days caged in a tiny yard....

i_have_no_enemies ,

a genocide with humanitarian corridors and aid and leaflets before bombing and roof knocking?

i_have_no_enemies ,

israel force displaces it's own population as well as a counter measure near lebanon border when hezbollah started to threaten as well and palestininan displacement is temporary not permanent, they bombed only selective parts where hamas was present else they would not be bothered with installing them

there are other leaflets as well without qr codes

here is idf soldiers distributing aid directly distributing aid as they have been tasked to because hamas steals aid from gazans

i_have_no_enemies ,
i_have_no_enemies OP ,

also is capitalism good for scientific progress?

i_have_no_enemies OP ,

25.000 Gazans massacred by the IDF

we still do not know how many of these were terrorists

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