Israel frees two hostages in Rafah under cover of air strike; health officials say 37 killed

DOHA/JERUSALEM, Feb 12 (Reuters) - Israel launched a special forces operation that freed two Israeli hostages in Rafah amid air strikes early on Monday, which local health officials said killed 37 people and wounded dozens in the southern Gaza city.

A joint operation by the Israel Defence Force (IDF), Israel's domestic Shin Bet security service and the Special Police Unit in Rafah freed Fernando Simon Marman, 60, and Louis Hare, 70, the Israeli military said.

The two men were kidnapped by Hamas from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak on Oct. 7, the military said.

Milk_Sheikh ,

So out of the 250ish abducted, that’s;

1 rescued prior, plus these 2

105 released as part of the ceasefire swap and Hamas freeing select hostages unprompted

3 hostages killed by IDF troops while trying to surrender

32 to 68+ hostages confirmed or suspected dead, mostly from IDF airstrikes

And Israel just snubbed Hamas’s latest ceasefire-swap offer a few weeks ago, and is going forward with a ground push on Rafah

Alteon ,

It wouldn't surprise me if 36 of the 37 was an infant ward, and the one was the nurse attending it. It'd be par for the course on the IDF's track record. Hell, I'd bet that the 37 deaths were more because they could than it being actually necessary.

snekerpimp ,

Kill 37 to save 2… what a waste of life and resources.

Rapidcreek ,

If you were one of the two, you'd have a different attitude.

snekerpimp ,

Negative. If I was a 60 year old hostage, I would be LIVID resources like that was used on me, that that many people lost their lives just so me and another old geezer can live. Survivors guilt to the extreme.

Rapidcreek ,

You therefore have never been in a life threatening situation. Good luck if you ever are.

owen ,

Survivors guilt is very real

Rapidcreek ,

It's not survivors guilt to want to live.

girlfreddy , avatar

It's survivor's guilt to live when others don't.

Rapidcreek ,

Has nothing to do with the base human instict of wanting to live. Survior's guilt is something for amateur psychologists to roll out after the fact.

girlfreddy , avatar
Rapidcreek ,

That's pretty funny.

goferking0 ,


CommanderCloon ,

Reality doesn't match your headcanon

snekerpimp ,

Bold of you to assume my life story friend. It seems you have your own demons you need to fight. Good luck on your journey and I hope you find peace.

Rapidcreek ,

Pretty obvious as you discount death of some but not others. Either only some life is cheap to you or you have no empathy because you have no experience.

snekerpimp ,

??? You are talking nonsense. All life is sacred. No where did I say some should die to save others… discounting you as a troll and moving on with my life. Peace be with you brother, I hope you find your calm.

Rapidcreek ,

You said that 2 hostages lives weren't worth other deaths. If, as you say,all life is sacred, why are the hostages lives not sacred? My response was you would feel differently if you were a hostage, and you just doubled down. You mouth peaceful wishes now, when the most peaceful way is to release the hostages. You are being hypothetical

snekerpimp ,

I value others lives more than my own, yes.

assassinatedbyCIA ,

They could have saved way more if they just organised a ceasefire. Heck some of their own hostages that they killed might still be alive if they weren’t so bloodthirsty.

DolphinMath OP ,

Reuters – Bias and Credibility

Bias Rating: Least Biased

Factual Reporting: Very High

Country: United Kingdom

MBFC’s Country Freedom Rank: Mostly Free

Media Type: News Agency

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girlfreddy , avatar

Why you are getting downvoted here is beyond me.

assassinatedbyCIA ,

Least Biased lol. Oft the most biased individual is the one that insists the most that they have no bias.

girlfreddy , avatar

It's a MediaBias check from their website.

assassinatedbyCIA ,

Yeah. I know. Claiming something is least bias is a bold and silly claim.

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