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Biden invites Trump to work together to lobby Congress on an immigration bill as both candidates visit border (

“You know and I know it’s the toughest, most efficient, most effective border security bill this country’s ever seen,” Biden said. “So instead of playing politics with the issue, why don’t we just get together and get it done?”...

Nicaragua Sues Germany at ICJ Over Israel Support, Alleges Genocide Facilitation (

Nicaragua's petition centers on accusations that Germany's actions violate crucial international treaties, including the 1948 Genocide Convention and the 1949 Geneva Convention. By providing financial and military aid to Israel and discontinuing support for the UNRWA, Nicaragua argues, Germany is complicit in facilitating...

UN experts accuse Nicaragua’s government of abuses ‘tantamount to crimes against humanity’ (

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A panel of U.N.-backed human rights experts on Thursday accused Nicaragua ’s government of systematic human rights abuses “tantamount to crimes against humanity,” implicating a range of high-ranking officials in the government of President Daniel Ortega....

After boots on the ground comment, French PM doubles down: 'Putins troops are already in our country', pointing at Le Pen (

By raising for the first time the idea of sending troops to Ukraine, the French leader "has taken a further step toward belligerence," blasted his rival Marine Le Pen, of the far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party. She accused him of "posing an existential risk to 70 million French people, and more particularly to our armed...

Israeli director receives death threats after officials call Berlin film festival ‘antisemitic’ (

An Israeli film-maker who won one of the top prizes at the Berlin film festival has said German officials’ description of the awards ceremony as “antisemitic” has led to death threats and the physical intimidation of family members, causing him to hold off plans to return to Israel....

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