alliswell33 ,

Since I learned of hyperland I've been very tempted to switch from Plasma but I spent so much time setting my desktop up it's not worth it.

Serpentian OP ,

Waiting for Plasma6, will give it a try

Moshpirit , avatar

Same here. Hyoerland uses too many resources to be worth the effort, but I kinda feel the same with other wms: the default configuration is too basic and ungly, and configuring them take way too much time. I wish there was some kind of easier way to config that up.

kratoz29 ,

This looks pretty awesome.

I don't have a Linux machine anymore (only a Synology NAS) but if I had one I'd be in this rabbit hole too lol (tweaking it to look beautiful AF).

oscardejarjayes , avatar

hyprland is definitely going to be my next compositor

PrecisePangolin ,

This is absolutely gorgeous! How would one go about cloning this onto their system? I have been using NixOS for a bit now but have not messed with home-manager or flakes yet. Is it possible to just clone all your files and redeploy? Any articles or videos explaining the process to clone your setup? Thanks in advance!

Serpentian OP , (edited )

Please, give me some time, the repo is messy as hell now. If I were you, I would not do that now. I'm going to refactor the code, make it more modular in order to allow several WMs and themes. I'm also gonna introduce instructions for installing all of this)

However, the best way to enjoy system you use is configuring everything yourself, though it requires some time. In the past, when I copied configurations from unixporn posts, I always ended with dropping them and reconfiguring everything, as I like it)

PrecisePangolin ,

Holy crap I can't believe you modified the README so fast. Thank you so much for the extra detail and clarity, your contributions to the community are invaluable.

Serpentian OP ,

The code have not been refactored yet! README is not correct now. I'll let you know, when everything is ready)

Serpentian OP ,

In order to figure out, what's Nix, how to use flakes and home manager, I'd recommend watching LibrePhoenix. It's absolutely fantastic guides. His repo with Nix config is also great, it's the one, which I'm gonna take as a reference

PrecisePangolin ,

Thank you very much for the recommendation! I will start learning and await your updates on this project!

Comradesexual , avatar

I hate when people post their sexy unix and make me update mine. Ugh.

ghoscht , avatar

That's probably the best Unixporn I've seen on Lemmy

ben ,

Someday I would like join the Nix+Hyprland club.
Does NixOs take up a lot of space with the cached/previous versions of programs?

Serpentian OP ,

Not really. I didn't really check how much space other snapshots, e.g. btrfs ones, takes, but now I deleted 630 generations (basically snapshots), and it resulted in freeing 11.5 Gb of space, not much IMO)

brckd ,

shit this is basically what i have but dimensions better

dino ,

The first picture is a non floating window? Kind of perfect example of why tiling wms are not suitable for everyone. :D

Serpentian OP , (edited )

On the left, it's the floating terminal with neofetch. On the right - the notification center (SwayNotificationCenter), which can opened with clicking on the bar.

NixOs icon on the left side of the bar opens nwg-drawer, which is shown on the last screenshot)

I use Hyprland with mouse without any problems. Though, I have MX Master 3s, it has additional button, which's mapped to Meta in my case. Also, there's a right click menu, implemented with ags (similar to openbox menu). So, I can open, close, resize and move windows just with my mouse

dino ,

I use Hyprland with mouse without any problems.

I see your problem :D (don't take my remarks too personal, please)

justin , avatar

It's basically GNOME.

chevy9294 ,

I love Gnome's look, but this is better.

Jumuta , avatar

such vibin much wow

scratchandgame ,

In my opinion, what your desktop look like is not cool.
Having a github's yourname/yourname repo is not cool either :)

So I never have them.

LunchEnjoyer , avatar

Wow wow! Absolutely love this, especially the neofetch edit, to the guy smoking!

Serpentian OP ,

That's Snusmumrik from the Moomin series)

LunchEnjoyer , avatar

You know I thought it was! Fellow Scandinavian?

Serpentian OP ,

Nope, unfortunately( But the moomins are pretty popular in Russia

FreshLight , (edited ) avatar

Looks really nice!
Any plans on getting an automated icon theme automatic icon pack recoloring?

Serpentian OP ,

automated icon theme?

Do you mean smth like this?

FreshLight , avatar

Yes! Exactly!

Serpentian OP ,

Sure, it doesn't seem difficult to do, looks nice

drkt , avatar


Serpentian OP ,

Here it is)
The original image: link

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