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Reconstruction in Ukraine to cost $486 billion over the next decade, up from $411 billion estimated a year ago, report says (

The highest needs are in housing, or 17 per cent of the overall estimated costs, followed by transport, commerce and industry, agriculture and energy. Social protection and livelihood support and explosive hazard management are pegged at under 10 per cent, respectively, according to the UN....

Researcher: "Russia’s economy faces death by a thousand cuts. Western sanctions have failed to cripple Putin, but the damage will only grow over time." (

"It seems likely that the damage to Russia’s productive capacity from the loss of western technology and key supplies will increase over time," writes independent economist Roger Bootle....

Russia begs China for loans as the Kremlin is running out of money for rainy days, analysts say (

In almost 2 years of full-scale war, Russia has spent half the money from the National Welfare Fund (NWF), the main source of resources for a rainy day. At the end of 2023, almost 4 trillion rubles were spent from the National Welfare Fund, and now only 5 trillion remains in its so-called liquid part (savings in currency and...

Russia’s economy is now completely driven by the war in Ukraine – it cannot afford to lose, but nor can it afford to win (

Military pay, ammunition, tanks, planes, and compensation for dead and wounded soldiers, all contribute to the GDP figures. Put simply, the war against Ukraine is now the main driver of Russia’s economic growth....

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