Hey UKCasual, Would Any of You be Searching for a Part Time Employee! (Post will be deleted in one week)

Hello UKCasual, I'm currently looking for part-time job for 20 hours and thought that some of you might be searching for someone or know someone in need of a person.
I am highly motivated and truly eagered to work and in action. It would be a pleasure to discuss this further if you are interested. I am able to Remote-Work if needed!

I'll be deleting this post in one week; it's temporary. My goal is simply to find a job.

PS: If the work attire requires me wearing a Dress Shirt, please tell me, as I'll need to buy new ones

riskable ,
@riskable@programming.dev avatar

You need a "Page of Expertise" attached to the end of this resume with every technology, tool, and piece of equipment you've ever touched. I'm dead serious. You've got the standard office apps listed as well as the GIMP (which is awesome, BTW 👍) but have you ever fooled around with Access? Used Outlook? Skype? They need to be in your resume!

Think of the "Page of Expertise" as an addendum that's just a great big list of keywords that will ensure your resume isn't filtered out by HR people that don't know any better. When they get a job description from a hiring manager that says something like, "Marketing Assistant: Must have experience with Excel. Nice-to-have: Experience with Outlook and Skype." The HR person will post a similar job description (they just love to mess with it!) and then when 10,000 resumes come in they'll pass them all through a "keyword filter" and any resume that doesn't have "outlook" and "skype" will never see the light of day!

Always remember this: The hiring manager and the people doing the interview are only going to look at the first page and the first job or two in your work history. They might glance at everything else but it's unlikely. The universal advice about tailoring your resume for the job you're applying for is 100% true but the truth is that that advice really only applies to that first page and only after you've made it through the HR keyword filters.

So add a second page that has titles like, "Office Tools" that has every stupid little tool that counts as "office software" from Excel to Outlook to Skype to Notepad++ to silly things like Winzip and Winrar. Stuff you'd think literally anyone could figure out in five minutes still goes on that page! Always assume that every job is going to get 10,000 applicants and HR is going to keep whittling them down until they find candidates that have all the keywords they can possibly think of.

Here's another thing: If you get past HR and in that interview and they ask you, "What's this Page of Expertise all about?" Be honest: "That's so I can get past the keyword filters that HR uses. HR people often have to filter thousands of resumes and I don't want to get skipped because I didn't put the word, 'winzip' somewhere in my resume even though a monkey could figure it out." They'll think you're a genius and hire you! 👍

Kyoyeou OP ,
@Kyoyeou@slrpnk.net avatar

Thank you so much! That's a great advice indeed! Although oh boy I've used a lot of apps and tools but I never take the time to master them and I never knew how to put that on my CV. In the previous version of my CV I wrote "Interest in Learning New Tools"

riskable ,
@riskable@programming.dev avatar

Your level of skill with the tools is irrelevant from the perspective of the "Page of Expertise". You're not claiming to be a master of these things, "just have some expertise/experience" with them.

SoonaPaana , (edited )

Hey all the best with your job hunt! I noticed few typos you may want to address :
in the objective section - "SeptembER" , "waiter AT some moments"
Stago experience - "taskED" , "AN understandable tool"

There are some weird phrasing too. Maybe a native speaker can help you out better!

Kyoyeou OP ,
@Kyoyeou@slrpnk.net avatar

Dammit! My french is showing itself! Thank you so much for taking the time to find those errors!

throw4w4y5 ,

has the Uni of Herts not got any part time jobs? they’re one of the biggest employers in Hatfield.

Kyoyeou OP ,
@Kyoyeou@slrpnk.net avatar

They do! Although the demand is high around, and I've for example received proposition of work but that only start in September

Grimy ,

Love the template, I'm going to copy it haha

Kyoyeou OP ,
@Kyoyeou@slrpnk.net avatar

Made it with : https://rxresu.me/ and it's the Gengar template!

I was searching for an open-source project to support in the making of my CV's and this one is really good!

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