FlatFootFox ,
@FlatFootFox@lemmy.world avatar

Scanners indicate high presence of FODs.

TrashGoblin ,


Kolanaki ,
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

"Gee, Diana. Why do you get two wieners?"

kaitco ,

Was her relationship with Worf ever explained? Like they were trying to get something started in the finale and then there was just nothing in Generations… I feel like missed something.

mpa92643 , (edited )

Basically, the writers always envisioned Riker and Troi would marry at the end of the series, but Rick Berman overrode them and forced the Worf romance because he wanted to mix things up.

Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes both hated the Worf romance because they felt their characters were basically destined to end up together from the very beginning.

It was never actually explained canonically, but basically everyone hated it except Rick Berman and Michael Dorn and if they married Deanna and Worf in Generations Nemesis (mixed up which movie they got married in), I guarantee it would've led to a lot of very angry fans.


kaitco ,

Okay, so I didn’t miss anything; they just straight up said, “Let’s just move on.” and didn’t follow-up on the story.

I kind of liked the Troi/Worf thing because it was so unexpected, but then it didn’t go anywhere and we didn’t even get a good breakup scene, or even a reference to it later.

Fades ,

Fuck Rick berman, king of shit decisions and a sexist to boot who stood in the way of LGBT in trek

Transporter_Room_3 ,
@Transporter_Room_3@startrek.website avatar


Can eat the narrow end of a compression phaser rifle.

socialpankakemix ,

warf gets troi and jadxia the lucky shit

OpenStars , (edited )
@OpenStars@startrek.website avatar

LUCK has nothing to do with it:-P

Edit: he sexy

Kolanaki ,
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

Looks like he need a breath mint. His breath so stanky, you can see green gas escaping his mouth.

TheGrandNagus , (edited )

But then she came back to Riker, because she values quality over quantity?

E: or maybe she just saw the way he treats Alexander and noped the fuck out lmao

M500 ,

Well maybe, Riker used his Q powers to get her back.

EdibleFriend ,
@EdibleFriend@lemmy.world avatar

Oh so the alien can't be quality? WOW

Lwaxana OP ,
@Lwaxana@startrek.website avatar

Not even trying to hide the bigotry

Tolookah ,

Maybe Worf left her, too many feelings, not enough Dax.

waterore ,

This always fucking bothered me but I assumed it was explained in a book or comic book

EdibleFriend , (edited )
@EdibleFriend@lemmy.world avatar

Nope lol. Just 'yo this kid sucks Imma send him to Earth lol.'

BarrelAgedBoredom ,

The writers didn't know what to do with Alexander so they just made worf into a shit dad instead of doing the normal thing where they shove the kid into a room one episode never to return

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA ,
@HeyThisIsntTheYMCA@lemmy.world avatar

I just expected them to flush him down the space toilet

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