JamesGleick ,
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The NY Times catches up with Trump encouraging Russian aggression against NATO, and look how they minimize the story:

  1. It’s old news. “… repeating a claim he has made previously …”
  2. It’s just braggadocio. “… to highlight his negotiating skills …”
  3. The first reaction quoted is not from the White House (¶6) but from Putin (¶4)—who promises never to invade anyone.
  4. Trump says he caused “hundreds of billions” to be paid in. NYT doesn’t mention that this is a lie.


pieist ,
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@JamesGleick They do this every election year: they "level" the competition by excusing the lunacy and idiocy on the Republican side and fabricating an equivalence with whatever the Republicans are saying about the Democratic side. I guess having one candidate who's stunningly unfit for office doesn't sell papers.

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