robocall ,

I shit in a bowl. not on the wall!

bruhduh , avatar

You ain't have to call me out like that

MeatPilot , avatar

If I exercise, I won't be able to rest my phone on my gut.

EveryMuffinIsNowEncrypted ,

Don– Don't sit on the toilet rim... That's just... nasty. :{

JustMy2c ,


Kolanaki , avatar

Either way, I'm gonna be shitting.

lefaucet ,

Feels good to be seen.

user1234 ,

I'd rather be on the actual toilet instead of shitting my pants on an imaginary toilet.

jettrscga ,

Sir, for the 5th time you didn't have to shit your pants.

user1234 ,

Who says I had to?

Deceptichum , avatar

Is sitting against a wall exercising?

Edit: yes, yes it is. Ive just found a new lazy way to work out.

powerofm ,

Well it might be called a wall "sit", but if you're doing it right then it's a pretty good core workout and you probably won't be able to do it for long

archomrade ,

Instructions unclear, shit smeared on wall

RootBeerGuy , avatar

Really? Me? With boobs and all?

miraclerandy ,

Yes, but there’s no promise they’ll be any better than the boobs you already have.

RootBeerGuy , avatar

Aw geez

surewhynotlem ,

It's ok man, your boobs are still great

variants ,

But are they better than the cats boobs

nifty OP , avatar

The boobies add weight for an effective workout.

Transtronaut ,

New gender goals just dropped.

bruhduh , avatar

Holy hell

Socsa ,

And shitting on the floor!

captainlezbian ,

You could have them if you try

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA , avatar

This skin suit ain't gonna sew itself

Stamets , avatar

I'm actually in bed and farting, thank you very much. One part of me is getting a work out at least.


How long do you fart ?

Stamets , avatar

As long as required

NegativeLookBehind , avatar

Just don’t shit the bed ok?

Stamets , avatar

You're not my real dad

NegativeLookBehind , avatar

That may be true, but I love you as if I were.

But….please stop wiping your ass with the bed sheets.

Stamets , avatar

But he is your adopted one who loved ypu like his own (insert sad backstory )

wabafee , avatar

What powers this fart art? Shrooms, KFC or good ol taco bell.

Stamets , avatar

Well in truth, it has to do with four elements. You see, inside of each person exists the ability to master one of these elements or 'bend' them if you will...

tubaruco ,


GluWu ,

I've mastered all four, I am the assatar.

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