Why did we care that Taylor Swift was ATTENDING the super bowl

I don't follow sports nor care enough about pop music to really know what was going on. I truly though she would be performing with the sheer amount of press on the matter even here. What the hell did Republicans think she was going to do inside a luxury box other than have weirdos snap photos of her drinking beer?

some_guy ,

We didn't. They did. Because stupid.

derf82 ,

We didn’t. However, the network airing it and their advertisers were damn thrilled for any added eyeballs on the game. Lots of young girls didn’t care for football but now are watching because she is absolutely huge in that demographic. Naturally, they made it a big story.

Republicans hate her because she is a threat. She has started to be more vocal politically, and Republicans know if she can get more of gen Z and younger millennials to vote, they won’t be winning in November. So they are lashing out and generating conspiracy theories.

xc2215x ,

A lot of right wingers were upset.

hightrix ,

A lot of football fans were also upset and it had nothing to do with politics.

Thankfully, they only showed her ~twice in the first half and ~7 times in the second. We had bets going on!

Decoy321 ,

A lot of football fans are also right wingers.

Plus it's stupid to not expect extra coverage of the photogenic famous person dating the famous athlete who's playing a pivotal role in the game.

Misconduct ,

What a stupid and weird thing to be upset about

hightrix ,

I agree. We had fun with it!

GBU_28 ,

We didn't

ShittyBeatlesFCPres ,

Other people have explained the conspiracy theories and just that Swifties are a somewhat untapped audience for the NFL. But I’ll just add that it’s not the first time the broadcasters got obsessed with a player’s telegenic wife or girlfriend. (WAGs is a whole term popularized by the UK media covering soccer players’ wives and girlfriends.)

This time, the girlfriend happened to be one of the most famous people on Earth so it was everywhere. But I remember in like 2007 when Brady Quinn’s sister, Laura was dating AJ Hawk in college. Brady and A.J. were on opposing teams for a big game so she wore a half Ohio State and half Notre Dame jersey. They interviewed her on the pregame show and showed her so much, I still remember eventually getting annoyed. (She is apparently now Laura Quinn Hawk so I guess the relationship worked out.)

Sports broadcasters always show celebrities and, if they’re media-friendly, WAGs. Like any NBA game in NYC or Los Angeles has a “celebs in attendance” moment. Sometimes, it becomes a whole media thing. I remember a game where Beyoncé and Jay Z sat court side for a game Lebron was playing (for Miami). Lebron talked to them for a minute and Beyoncé looked flirty and impressed with Lebron at one point. It got the NBA in every gossip magazine for a week and I’m sure they happily provided permission to use photos and videos.

Crackhappy ,
@Crackhappy@lemmy.world avatar

Only the broflakes did. Because they're morons.

donuts ,
@donuts@kbin.social avatar

We don't.

Right wing cultist morons do, because I guess they think that everything is somehow a giant conspiracy against Trump, because thinking that helps them process and cope with the fact that Trump is always in the news for saying and doing bad or dumb shit.

zaph ,
@zaph@sh.itjust.works avatar

Because you're talking about her. She generates clicks and even if you didn't give her a click you're spreading the word for them.

theywilleatthestars ,

We generally don't, it's just that a lot of people are Swifties

Ghyste ,

We don't.

otp ,

Wasn't the Superbowl in November around American Thanksgiving or something?

Anyways, you're going to have to answer for your part on why "we" cared.

iAmTheTot ,
@iAmTheTot@kbin.social avatar

No. The SuperBowl happens in February every year.

otp ,

Damn. Isn't there some football thing around American Thanksgiving? Or did I just imagine that up? Lol

Either way, both of those months seem too cold to me for outdoor sports that aren't on ice. Especially February, which is in Winter. It's fun how different things can be in different places.

iAmTheTot ,
@iAmTheTot@kbin.social avatar

There's usually a game on Thanksgiving, but that's kind of just because of how the schedule works out. It's a regular season game, nothing special.

otp ,

Gotcha. Thanks for confirming I wasn't imagining that association! Haha

Vanth ,
@Vanth@reddthat.com avatar

November / American Thanksgiving is towards the end of college football season, and when they tend to schedule rivalry games.

Blue School and Red School have been playing each other for 80 years, current record is 37-43. Who will win this time? Drink some Bud Light and find out!

Except they don't drink Bud Light anymore because the trans people stole it somehow. So drink water, I guess?

Red_October ,

Republicans have been trying to get out ahead of a suspected (by them at least) endorsement of Biden by the widely popular billionaire superstar. They want to manufacture as much rancor and outrage against her and any peripheral involvement to what they claim was a rigged game as they can. If they throw a big enough fit, that if she DOES endorse Biden at some point, they can just screech about how they saw it coming and the Superbowl was rigged and... whatever other demented shit they think might stick.

So really, Most people just don't care Swift was at the game, then there's the usual media fervor about the latest idol of the week doing anything, and finally everything she does is being amplified by Republicans in an effort to prove their latest conspiracy theory.

Kbin_space_program ,

Also, cynically:
Swift is savvy enough to know she can enjoy the free PR.
The NFL has realized they can use her presence to sell their game to a generation of women.

HobbitFoot ,

There were two makeup ads this year, which is a lot higher than the zero there are typically.

rekabis ,

Nice win-win. And a great way to give regressives the middle finger. Or better yet, make them go nuts with impotent rage by not even addressing them.

Mango ,
damndotcommie ,

And why do you think this needs to be a Republican vs Democrat thing?? Interjecting politics into everything isn't a good look. I really don't even see where that came from because I have friends that are Democrats and that's what they watched the Superbowl this year to see. I also have Republican friends who also watched the Superbowl to see shots of her. All of them are Taylor Swift fans, and not football fans. So you have to bring up political views for what reason? I get it, politics are polarizing, but it gets quite tiresome when people on both sides of the aisle feel the need to make everything divisive. We have two teams playing a football game, isn't that enough competition and division for one day?

Deceptichum ,
@Deceptichum@kbin.social avatar

Because Republicans made it political with their insane conspiracy theories.

Have you been paying attention to anything?

scrubbles ,
@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

I agree, but you're out of the loop here. Republicans already beat you to making it political

Bonehead ,

I cared a little. But in my defense, I don't pay attention to football at all except for the Superbowl, and even then it's tentative. I honestly thought she was performing the halftime show with the way everyone was going on about it. I didn't even know Usher was performing until I put the game on.

Talaraine ,
@Talaraine@kbin.social avatar

From what I've seen on Lemmy at least, nobody really cared that she was attending but we had full popcorn bowls to watch the rest of the world lose their shit about it.

Deceptichum ,
@Deceptichum@kbin.social avatar

The rest of America*

The rest of the world didn’t give a shit.

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