Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began two years ago, nearly 20,000 Ukrainian children have been forcibly deported to Russia. Of those, only 388 have been returned to their families. (

Researchers say that parents are tortured for information and forced to work in prison camps while their children are sent elsewhere — first to occupied territories like Donetsk and Luhansk, and then to Russia or Belarus....

North Korea scraps all economic cooperation agreements with South Korea (

North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly has voted to scrap all agreements signed with South Korea on promoting economic cooperation, the North’s official KCNA news agency reported on Thursday, as the two Koreas’ relations continue to deteriorate sharply....

Houthis launch drone to attack ships in Red Sea, hours after warning from Canada and allies (

An armed unmanned surface vessel launched from Houthi-controlled Yemen got within a “couple of miles” of U.S. Navy and commercial vessels before detonating on Thursday, just hours after the White House and a host of partner nations issued a “final warning” to the Iran-backed militia group to cease the attacks or face...

[article] Thumbtacks strewn across Montreal bike path as tensions rise between motorists, cyclists (

Montreal is easily one of the most bike-friendly cities in North America, and yet even here we have carbrains who feel perpetually entitled to 250 parking spaces (the amount removed for the new bike lane) over the needs of everyone else. Clearly someone felt so strongly entitled to their parking that they threw thumbtacks in the...

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