Polish Hackers Repaired Trains the Manufacturer Artificially Bricked. Now The Train Company Is Threatening Them (

In one of the coolest and more outrageous repair stories in quite some time, three white-hat hackers helped a regional rail company in southwest Poland unbrick a train that had been artificially rendered inoperable by the train’s manufacturer after an independent maintenance company worked on it. The train’s manufacturer is...

Should I move to Docker?

I'm a retired Unix admin. It was my job from the early '90s until the mid '10s. I've kept somewhat current ever since by running various machines at home. So far I've managed to avoid using Docker at home even though I have a decent understanding of how it works - I stopped being a sysadmin in the mid '10s, I still worked for...

Universal cordless Drill Holder/Mount (Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Festool ...) by kerngebiet (

Universal holder for any cordless drills and tools. I used it mainly for Makita, but other power tools should fit as well of course. The following Makita tools have been tested so far in the 40mm version: Makita DTD171 Makita DDF484 Makita DDF484B Makita DHP484 Makita DDF459 Makita DHP481 Makita DTW300 Makita DTW302 Makita...

Is there a maximum size for Kbin thumbnails to federate from other instances? (

Posting pictures from since I still have trouble uploading on Kbin, but sometimes the pictures don't appear as a thumbnail on Kbin regardless of how long I wait for it to federate. Clicking on it still opens the direct image link, but there's no thumbnail when scrolling past in the feed. Is there a max image size or...

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